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Our Team

Ben Grogan


I’m an Ellensburg native that left for the big city after college, and quickly decided I’m much better suited to country living. An engineer by profession and avid beer lover, I’ve long been drawn to the intermingling of art and science required in brewing. When I returned to Eastern WA and met master brewer Tyson, there was no doubt it was time to leave the comfy desk job to pursue our mutual dream of starting a locally focused microbrewery.

What I like about Tri-Cites

I love the four distinct seasons in the Tri Cities. I love the heritage and history of the area. I love the interesting blending of scientific and agricultural communities. And most of all, I love the people that have made Tri Cities feel like home!

First experience with Craft Beer

When I turned 21 and was a degenerate college student, I made VERY good use of the astounding $5 growler fill Thursday deal at Iron Horse Brewing. While my classmates were guzzling Busch Lite, I was sipping Irish Death and doing some hardcore judging.

Favorite style of beer

That depends on the season, of course! Light beers in the summer, dark beers in the winter, and it’s always a good time for a Hazy IPA or an Egyptian Blonde!

Tyson Crudup


I was born in Walla Walla WA. I am a self taught brewer with a passion for hoppy beers that dates back many thousands of IPAs ago. I have been brewing and honing my craft for the past 20 years. From the days of brewing in the garage with friends to building relationships in the hop industry, brewing great beer has always been where I feel in my element!

What I like about Tri-Cites WA 

Although I was born and raised in WW I have deep family roots in all three cites. I love the history of the area as well as the beautiful sunsets.

First experience with Craft Beer

I never liked beer much until a good friend and co-worker invited me out to The Green Lantern ( known to most as “The Green”). I was amazed that beer had flavor! He invited me over to brew with him at his buddies house. I WAS HOOKED!!!!

Favorite style of beer

Give me some hops please! I know its not the “cool” thing anymore but I can’t help myself. I love exploring the endless varieties and ways they contribute to the beer.  



I’m a craft beer lover and brewer for Sage Brewing Company. I am a WSU Alumni and love getting chances to go back to campus for any reason.  I also love to travel and read. 

What I like about Tri-Cites

I like Tri-Cities because I love being on and in the water! With 3 rivers, and reservoirs above the dams to play on it is really an amazing place. 

First experience with Craft Beer

I’ve grown up around craft beer. My dad was a craft beer sales rep and he would tell us all about the beers he was selling. This passion grew in me as I learned to home brew in college. 

Favorite style of beer

This is tough as I really enjoy most beers but my first true love for craft beer were dark, delicious Porters. 



Hi I’m Alex , I love craft beer and love drinking it . I am a United States Veteran and served in the United States Marines . When I’m not working or drinking at Sage Brewing Company . I’m with my Wife and two Kids doing Dad stuff with my beautiful family and doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

What I like about Tri-Cites 

I have been out here for two years in the Tri-Cities WA . Its been very different from what I’m use to . But I like the small town vibe and all the chill people out here . 

First experience with Craft Beer

I was 21 like a responsible adult. I had my first IPA from Stone Brewery and I didn’t like . But I didn’t give up and now I’m Hop Head . 

Favorite style of beer

West Cost IPA baby!!!!